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   Congratulations 2017 China (Changchun) International Packaging & Printing Industry Fair was held successfully                [2017-06-27]
   ConNha Trang, this time let’s go there for our unrestrained happiness!! – 2017 PNSHAR team tour to Vietnam             [2017-06-20]
   PIF lands strongly, leading the innovation, PNSHAR joins the packers together in Guangzhou  [2017-05-23]
    2017 annual meeting of Zhejiang Paper Industry Association & Papermaking Socity              [2017-05-02]
    2017China Science Instrument Development Annual Conference held successfully               [2017-04-27]
    Hangzhou PNSHAR Chen Haixia participated in FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation Forum   [2017-04-23]

   PNSHAR 2017 Spring Festival Holiday Notice                    [2017-01-20]

   Congratulate the 2017 New Year Party of PNSHAR               [2017-01-19]
   Meeting for 2016 annual summary & 2017 deployment             [2017-01-10]
   Congratulations to successfully passed the National High-Tech Audit           [2016-12-28]
   Successful of softness National Standard by PNSHAR                                    [2016-12-25]
   "Pnshar Cup" Design Competition Concluded                                  [2016-12-16]
     Pnshar green hiking, red maple Autumn tour                                      [2016-12-03]
   Pnshar won the Science and Technology Award of China Packaging            [2016-11-22]
   2016 meeting of National Paper Standardization Technical Committee.           [2016-11-20]
   Pnshar joined ISTA(China) for packaging engineer training                        [2016-11-15]
   Pnshar to the 2016 Transport Packaging Technology Annual Meeting           [2016-10-24]
   Pnshar was invited to attend in the 12th CBB exhibition.                      [2016-10-17]
   2016 China corrugated quality inspector training ended                               [2016-09-29]
   2016 National Special Paper Technology Exchange ended                        [2016-09-26]
   Welcome to G20, Pnshar took one tour to Huangshan Mountain            [2016-09-10]
   ICorrugated exhibition- Pnshar enjoys you in Jinjiang                      [2016-08-29]
   Liaoning Carton Packaging quality inspector training concluded            [2016-08-11]
   Northeast three provincial 1st large paper packaging enterprise summit          [2016-08-09]
   Congratulations to Pnshar passed the ISO9001 annual review.                      [2016-08-02]
   Seaman was appointed to the member of Zhejiang Paper Standardization           [2016-07-27]
   China Packaging Federation 8th executive meeting in Beijing.            [2016-07-11]
   Successful the 2016 China (Changchun) exhibition.                                [2016-07-05]
   Congratulations 2016 China (Zhengzhou) corrugated box show             [2016-07-01]
   The 3rd food packaging industry chain safety forum held successfully.           [2016-06-29]
   PNSHAR visited 2016 DRUPA exhibition.                                                  [2016-06-25]
   32 logistics enterprises echoed Jack Ma.                                                  [2016-06-23]
   Congratulate Tianjin Hengtai Co.,Ltd grand opening.                         [2016-06-20]
   Warmly congratulated our company to obtain two invention patents          .[2016-06-06]
   DRUPA 2016, Pnshar is waiting for you here.                                     [2016-06-01]
   Tray testing machine is accepted successfully by Beijing University                       [2016-05-30]
   Packaging quality-inspector training successfully concluded.                     [2016-05-26]
   Shanghai Packaging Association Paper Committee quality training.           [2016-05-18]
   Pnshar participate in PPI Wenzhou intelligent meeting.                      [2016-05-16]
   2016 China*Dongguang Carton Fair ended successfully.                                 [2016-05-03]
   Pnshar in 2016 South China International Corrugated Exhibition                     [2016-04-19]
   The 23rd household paper international exhibition successfully.                     2016-04-17]
   Chengdu Packaging Association corrugated box quality training course           [2016-04-11]
   Chongqing Packaging Industry corrugated box quality training                      [2016-03-30]
   Warmly "2017 Shanghai ICorrugated Intelligent Exhibition"                       [2016-03-29]
   Pnshar won title of excellent supplier of Tianjin packaging industry.                     [2016-03-28]
   Pnshar invite you for spring hiking, green travel                                  [2016-03-22]
   Celebrate the 38 Women’s Day event.                                                    [2016-03-07]
   Pnshar participated in the Chongqing Packaging Association meeting                    [2016-02-23]
   Pnshar 2016 Spring Festival Holiday Notice.                        [2016-01-29]
   Gold monkey is coming and singing, Happy Chinese Spring Festival.           [2016-01-26]
   Successful meeting for 2015 annual summary & 2016 work deployment            [2016-01-20]
   Pnshar held the training course with Jilin Packaging Association            [2016-01-05]

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