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>>> Paper Dirt Tester

>> Paper Dirt Tester
>> ModelPN-PDT
>> Made In China
PDF Product Data Sheet  



PN-PDT paper dirt tester is made according to GB/T154l-2007 Paper and board-Determination of dirt.

The instrument is suitable for the Determination of paper or cardboard dust. This instrument is the composition of the base, rotary table, the eyes 20W lamp, see the schematic.

Specimen place it in its plastic board, to use the 20W fluorescent lamp irradiation, the observation and the the color of the specimen surface there are significantly the difference between of of the fiber beam and other impurities, and compared carried out with the the standard dust picture.


  • Paper, board


  • Meets GB/t 1541-2007


  • Lighting: AC 220V 20W fluorescent lamp

  • Lighting angle: 60

  • Sample size: 250mm*250mm

  • Rotating angle:360

  • Standard dirt picture:(0.055.0)mm2

  • Dimensions: (740380360)mm


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