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>>>  Hand Sheet Former (Rapid-Koethen)

>>  Hand Sheet Former (Rapid-Koethen)
>> ModelPN-PL6C
>> Made In China
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Our this hand sheet former is applicable to research and experiments in papermaking research institutes and paper mills.
It forms pulp into a sample sheet, then puts the sample sheet on the water extractor for drying and then carries out the inspection of the physical intensity of the sample sheet to appraise the performance of the raw material of pulp and beating process specifications. Its technical indicators conform to the international & China specified standard for papermaking physical inspection equipment.
This former combines vacuum-sucking & forming, pressing, vacuum-drying into one machine, and all-electric control.


1) Sheet-forming and vacuum-drying are combined into one machine;
2) White water recycling;
3) Electric pulp-feeding;
4) Compressed air to even the pulp, manual even the pulp, drain out the water fast;
5) Microfiber and thick sample sheet accessories;
6) Spraying device for cleaning;
7) Working table is made of stainless steel (#304), then painted.
8) Flexible suction & presser device inside the drying body, the sheet thickness can be 10mm max.;
9) Non-oil vacuum pump, with self-safeguarding device;
10) Out-built water source connection outlet, easy operation by connect with power supply and water supply, the machine can work.


1). Diameter of sample sheet: 200mm
2). Vacuum degree of vacuum pump: 0.092-0.098MPa
3) Vacuum pressure: about 0.1MPa
4). Drying temperature: 120
5). Drying time (30-80g/m2 quantitative): 4-6 minutes
6). Heating power: 1.5Kw2
7). Vacuum power: 2.2Kw
8) Outline dimensions: 1800mm710mm1300mm .
9). Working table material: stainless steel (304L) with painting
10). Equipped with one standard couch roller (304L) with a weight of 13.3Kg.
11). Equipped with a spraying and washing device.
12). Weight: 295kg.


ISO 5269/2 & ISO 5269/3, NBR 14380/99, TAPPI T-205, DIN 54358, ZM V/8/76


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