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To be used measurement of power whiteness for inorganic chemicas products.


Kaolin,calcium carbonate, talc, barite, activated clay, titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, magnesium oxide, flour, cement, pigment, etc.


  • Measure the Blue Reflectance Factor (R457) of samples. Blue Reflectance Factor is so called Blue Whiteness or ISO Brightness.

  • Adopt d/o illuminating--geometrical viewing conditions. Diameter of the globe of diffusion is 150mm and diameter of the testing hole is 30mm. Light absorber is provide to eliminate the effect of mirror reflection.

  • 10 successive test data auto-calculates mean value

  • With power-off protection function, to protect data


  • GB/T 19281 Analytic method for calcium carbonate

  • GB/T 23774 Inorganic chemicas for industrial useGeneral method for the determination of whiteness


  • Power supply: AC110/220V 2A 50Hz

  • Accuracy: R4570.5Y1.0

  • Resolution0.1

  • Measuring range 1 160%

  • Integrating sphere: Diffused illumination in 30mm window in 150mm diameter

  • Sample size The test plate diameter 30mm, Sample thickness 40 mm

  • Display128 64 dot matrix LCD

  • Working condition Indoor temp.20 10 Crelative humidity 85

  • Dimension(370 260 430)mmLWH

  • Net Weight About 11.5 kg


Accessories box(Include light bulb 4pcs, black cavity 1 pcs (Zero)standard whiteness board 3pcsCalibration and simple power sampler 1pcs(sampling))


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